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Current Emphases and Partners

Our vision is "A city where no one journeys alone."  This is a big vision.  We know we cannot do everything.  And we know if we don't focus on something, we'll likely miss doing anything at all.  So we are currently focused on four groups of people who journey alone, and with whom we are trying to journey together.  We cannot do this alone, so we aspire to work with others.


Those who Journey Alone with Mental Health Challenges

One group we journey together with are those who struggle with mental health challenges, their own or a family member's.  We look to the Canadian Mental Health Association for expertise and opportunities.  We regularly participate in their "Light the Way" walk for mental health awareness.  We have also included one of their consultants as a guest speaker and hosted workshops.  Some of our members volunteer with them.  And we are inclusive and sensitive to those who struggle with mental health challenges.  We are looking for more ways to journey together with those who journey alone because of mental health challenges.  


Those who Journey Alone in a Minority Religion

We are passionate about journeying together with people of other religious faiths than the dominant one in our society -- Christianity.  We are one of the founding members of the Cornwall Interfaith Partnership.  And we are pleased to regularly provide the Cornwall Interfaith Partnership with a place to hold regular meetings and host their events.  You will notice announcements of their upcoming events on our website.  The CIP, as they are known, is still in its formative stages.  


Those who Journey Alone with Bereavement

We are learning to journey together with those who are in bereavement.  We look to the Bereaved Families of Cornwall for expertise and opportunities.  We provide them with space for some of their larger gatherings, as well as for workshops.  

Those who Journey Alone by Being Home-bound

We have a pastoral care team, which has been trained through, and is connected with, the wider Cornwall & District Inter-Faith Pastoral Care Outreach Programme.  This programme connects with our vision: Helping build a city where no one journeys alone by being cut-off from active involvement in the community (home-bound/shut-in). Our team meets together every couple of months but otherwise carry out their individual visits to over a dozen facilities in our city.  We work with the wider programme to spend quality time with those who are homebound and shut-in.  If you know of someone who is not able to get out, and they have indicated they would like a visit, contact Deb at the church office at 613-938 3704.  Also, our choir routinely visits and sings at one of the city's several nursing homes a couple of times per month.  They  welcome anyone who wants to come along and sing.  If you want to know more about the choir, contact Deb.  

A Basic Certification Course in Pastoral Care Outreach.  The course is over three Saturdays: October 26, November 9, and November 23; all from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. A certificate is given to those who complete 7 of the nine subjects covered. It will be held at the Agape Centre meeting room. It costs $95. You can contact Deb for a registration form.


Feed My Sheep

Members of our congregation provide meals at the Agape Centre in Cornwall on civic holidays, when the soup kitchen would otherwise be closed.  We call this our "Feed My Sheep" programme.  If you are interested in serving with Feed My Sheep, contact Deb at the church office at 613-938 3704.

Journey Together

Journey Together is the Public Ministry arm of our faith community.  It sponsors the Grief Walking Group. It organizes periodic low-cost entertainment events that are safe places for vulnerable people – karaoke dance party, sock-hop, and the like.  Journey together.  It also cooperates with the Cornwall Interfaith Partnership for some interfaith and justice events, like Human Rights Day and Peace Day.  Journey Together is not interested in converting people, getting people to church, or raising money for the church.  Journey Together wants to “help build a city where no one journeys alone.”  You are welcome to join Journey Together without belonging to our faith community.



Please remember Knox-St. Paul's United Church in your estate planning so that our public ministry can continue as part of your legacy.  Thank you.

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